• Regulated by the Care Quality Commission

            The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of health and social care services in England.  The CQC has a statutory responsibility to monitor, inspect and regulate all services that provide health and social care.  We publish what we find and where we find poor care we use our powers to take action.

            The CQC carried out a routine comprehensive inspection of Kingswood Court and published its findings on 19 July 2019.

            Regulated by the CQC

            Excerpts from full inspection report of Kingswood Court:

            Our inspection was unannounced.  It was completed by 2 inspectors, 1 nurse specialist and 1 further expert.  We spoke with 10 people who used the service and 8 relatives.  We spoke with the provider, the registered manager and 8 staff.  We spoke with the GP.  We reviewed 7 people’s care records.  We reviewed a range of audit and other records about the management of the service.  We reviewed feedback from members of the public, local authorities, clinical commissioning groups.

            Key findings:

            The service was extremely well led.  Service leadership was exceptional and distinctive. Leaders and the service culture they created drove and improved high-quality, person-centred care.

            This was a commitment to valuing people as individuals, supporting them to maintain their independence, and encouraging people to lead fulfilling lives.

            Feedback from a GP stated: "I have visited many care homes around the country and I have come across nurses and staff with very limited knowledge of their residents. People like [Kingswood Court staff] are tremendously helpful and knowledgeable."

            One staff member said, "The best part of the job is I have been encouraged to see my role as a visit to the resident. I am a visitor, they are being visited and in the meantime their room is cleaned. I get to talk to them and they talk to me and this makes me happy."

            People, their relatives and healthcare professionals were very complimentary about the kindness and competence of staff. This included those people that were supported at the end of their lives.

            The providers passion and drive to seek out new ways of learning from best practice and improving the lives of people shone through the inspection.

            "I could not praise the home highly enough. They had been so kind and compassionate."

            "It's nice because everyone that works here treats the residents exactly how I would want my grandparents to be treated."

            In the 12 months since the provider has owned the home, there has been a 90% reduction in the use of agency staff.  Temporary agency staff can deprive people of consistency of care.  Positive relationships cannot be developed between people and staff.

            People felt safe at the home due to the compassionate care given by staff.

            The words compassionate, and understanding were frequently used by people when they talked about the staff.

            Activities were well organised and varied to give people the opportunity to keep fit, exercise their minds or just have a sit and talk with others.

            Staff had an excellent understanding of the link between wellbeing and people's diet. Real thought had gone into making each meal time special, and when people needed extra support to eat and drink this was done sensitively and with care.

            The strong and successful partnership working across agencies was confirmed by a visiting healthcare professional who said, "It's excellent here. When I come here they know what is going on with people, they are so organised. They keep track on what I say and follow the guidance. 

            One relative said, "She is in a safe place and the right place. I know she is being looked after and stimulated by the company here. I can't offer her that at home."

            One relative explained how the layout of the entrance hall had changed for the better, "You don't feel like you have to get past the staff now, but that you're welcomed in."

            One relative explained how they felt fully informed and involved in the care that was given to their family member.

            A relative wrote, "Thank you for your loving care or our [family member]. She could not have been in a better place for her last few months." Another relative wrote, "[Persons name] passing was made easier by your wonderful help and kindness."

            Outstanding CQC rating

            Kingswood Court is OUTSTANDING.

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              • My wife has suffered over recent years major health problems culminating in an inoperable back condition and dementia problems. Her medical doctor and hospital advised 24 hour care home as she would not get this at home. I had my son and daughter search very quickly to find a suitable home which was difficult. I has previous knowledge of homes as I had an elderly relation in one some time ago, but I must admit it did have failings. We fortunately had luck in locating a vacancy at the Kingswood Court Care Home which had all the facilities to meet ours and my wife’s criteria. She has now been in this home 5 months and we as a family have no complaints.