• Activities

            We know from experience that social interaction is really important in later life. Keeping active and engaged is one of the best ways to live well so we aim to create a friendly, social environment at Kingswood Court that promotes wellbeing and enriches the lives of all our residents

            We have a full-time Activities Organiser, Sherry, who uses her energy, ideas and considerable experience to deliver a lively programme which takes into account residents individual interests and abilities. She likes to involve families in the activities, and residents really appreciate this. Most people thoroughly enjoy taking part in our activities, events and entertainment, and always have the choice to do as much (or as little) as they wish.

            The social care programme on offer is varied, interesting and enjoyable, chosen by our residents and tailored to their needs and wishes. Whatever your particular interests, we’re certain there will be something that appeals to you. The list of activities is long and includes games and quizzes, crosswords, themed lunches, arts and crafts sessions, bowling and other gentle indoor exercises, picnics, Pets as Therapy visits, ball games, flower arranging, card making, cooking and tasting sessions.

            Whenever possible, we try to get outside and take full advantage of the beautiful gardens. We also welcome guest entertainers who provide singing and musical recitals and various shows. We can arrange shopping trips to the local pub, garden centre and outings to local places of interest.

            Typical Events and Activities at Kingswood Court

            • Religious service and study
            • Dog therapy with resident therapy dog Grizelda
            • Discussion groups
            • Flower arranging
            • Memory Lane group
            • Music & Movement
            • Poetry reading and book discussion
            • Themed lunches
            • Musical productions
            • Hairdressing and beauty care
            • Current affairs discussion group
            • Educational and cultural events
            • Spring Fayre
            • Easter themed lunch
            • Musical entertainment, followed by buffet supper
            • Latin dance group, followed by buffet supper
            • Musical performance
            • Cream Tea garden party
            • Come Dancing
            • Halloween themed lunch and fancy dress
            • Music concert, followed by buffet supper
            • Christmas tree decorating
            • Christmas Bazaar
            • Christmas party with entertainer and Music
            • Hand bells
            • Nightingale singers
            • Latin American Christmas dancing show
            • Baptist Nativity play and Christmas carols
            • Christmas cocktail party
            • Mince pies and sherry with Father Christmas giving presents
              • Contact us today on 01737 830480 to discuss your situation – we are here to help you every step of the way. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Contact Us’ form to get in touch.

              • My wife has suffered over recent years major health problems culminating in an inoperable back condition and dementia problems. Her medical doctor and hospital advised 24 hour care home as she would not get this at home. I had my son and daughter search very quickly to find a suitable home which was difficult. I has previous knowledge of homes as I had an elderly relation in one some time ago, but I must admit it did have failings. We fortunately had luck in locating a vacancy at the Kingswood Court Care Home which had all the facilities to meet ours and my wife’s criteria. She has now been in this home 5 months and we as a family have no complaints.